Shifting cultural, economic, social, and environmental conditions have pushed architects to fundamentally rethink human circumstances. Technological advances and increased demand have also changed “how” building is done. Today, both of these forces are exerting an extraordinary influence on building designers.

In an age of iPhones and apps, with VR and BIM, building designers are seemingly presented with limitless opportunities. These developments must not blind us from the core challenge we are faced with today, namely combating climate change.

Following on from the Paris Agreement, business designers today have a mandate to produce carbon-free buildings and fundamentally rethink the use of existing buildings.

Human impact is growing exponentially, with the increasing size of our growing population and the accumulation of citizens into cities. We are approaching the urban era.

Business designers are faced with a relevance revolution for their craft, as urban life will be shaped by the conditions created over the next generation. The availability of sufficient resources and the future of global climate will also be in the greatly impacted by those who design our future. These are exciting times for building designers, it remains to be seen how the industry will respond to this equally stimulating and daunting challenge.