Major building organisations are lauding the NSW Government’s response to building safety issues.

The Berejiklian Government recently presented their Building Stronger Foundations discussion paper, a description of an industry-wide common law duty of care assigned to owners and corporate bodies; a system of regulation in which builders and others could be deregistered in instances of negligence; builders’ statements of compliance with the Building Code of Australia; and a new building commissioner to administer industry regulations.

Industry wide, building associations of every variety have been demanding full registration requirements for those who work in the building industry for a number of years. With the NSW Government answering this call, the time has arrived for all Australian states and territories to implement relevant measures geared toward industry improvement, as well as adhering to the stipulations of the much discussed Shergold Weir report regarding building safety.

These measures, in the opinion of many, will shield public safety while also retaining the public’s confidence in Australia’s building regulations and practices. In the wake of the Mascot Towers evacuation and similar situations, the public needs to be reassured of the safety of lives, their homes, and their structural investments. And by demanding both total certification and contractual changes, product viability and safety regulations, worker registration (complete with mandatory education and experience requirements), required documentation and accountability, for all building professionals in the region, both confidence and quality can be restored to the industry.