News of the design plans come amid an unprecedented boom in skyscraper construction within the city of Shenzhen. Whilst official confirmation is outstanding, the proposed HQ is set to stand at a height of 350m (1,148ft). The total floor space of 310,000sq m (around 3 million sq ft) will mainly be covered by office space.

The interior of the skyscraper is to be kept column free by structural cores on the east and west wings of the building. At the top will be a large atrium offering exclusive views to China Merchants Bank customers and special guests.

According to Foster + Partners, the split-core design will help to reduce solar heat gain, while the built-in rainwater harvesting system will be able to produce up to 70 per cent of the water requirements for the tower.

The China Merchants Bank HQ development will also include a smaller adjacent building that reaches 180m (590 ft). This tower will play host to hotel, office, and retail space. A large plaza on the site is poised to contain shops, restaurants, and an art gallery, along with links to the waterfront and metro.