Last year’s bushfire season has rendered the issue of structural fire protection a major concern in the minds and work of building designers everywhere. And in answer to the call for information regarding safer building in the realm of bushfire protection, the Building Designers Association of Australia is set to release a Fire Engineers Report. This educational and up to date report will be available to members free of charge; just log in to the BDAA Members website area to download this timely document at

The BDAA thanks Mark Davis, Director of the Technical Development of Building Designers Association of Australia, for providing our members with the Fire Engineers Report. This detail and report is for the purposes of providing an acceptable solution in terms of both Flame Zone Roof Construction and Condensation Management, as per the National Construction code 2019. It is the basis of a moisture-managed roof structure only and not guaranteed to be effective in terms of moisture management in all situations. Differing climates and project specifics need to be considered in utilising the detail. The roof detail below and within the fire protection features should be adjusted to suit each project. A Hygrothermal Analysis should be conducted to ensure the detail, or modified detail, will be effective in moisture management for each project.