Rewards and Awards:
The many benefits of BDAA Membership

Entries are now open for the 2022 BDAA National Design Awards; a nationally recognised and widely heralded design awards program that honours the most sustainable, functional and beautiful designs from BDAA members.

The 2022 Building Designers Association of Australia National Design Awards will be celebrated live and in person for the first time in two years, via a deluxe gala dinner set to take place on the 29th October in Melbourne. In order to submit your finest designs for consideration in this year’s awards program, winning attention, acclaim, and the recognition of the public and press, clients and collaborators, you must first become a member of the Building Designers Association of Australia, the premiere voice for the building designer throughout Australia.

Join to submit your designs for consideration in the 2022 National Design Awards, stay to benefit from the representation, the advocacy, the education, the networking opportunities, and the special events and accreditation opportunities that come as part and parcel of the BDAA membership.

As an added bonus, those seeking to be a part of the 2022 BDAA National Design Awards can be a part of the BDAA at a $200 discount–covering a $100 reduction in your membership fees, and a $100 discount in application fees.

Join now and win later and at a discount!

Also take a look at the many benefits of full membership in the BDAA:

Full Membership benefits include:

  • MEETINGS: The Full Member will be able to attend all BDAA Chapter Meetings throughout Australia, and of course will hold deluxe membership in the BDAA online chapter and any face to face meetings that are possible.
  • MEMBERS ONLY: Access the members only area of the BDAA website (, and be able to download from the members only area of the BDAA website ( These sections contain privileged information, capabilities and benefits. Membership has its privileges!
  • AWARDS: Full members are eligible to enter their best designs in the BDAA’s Annual National Design Awards, a nationally recognised awards program that honours the finest in sustainable design.
  • COUNCIL: The BDAA full member holds a unique position of leadership in the association, with many opportunities to become an industry influencer and leader in a number of capacities. The Full Member will gain BDAA voting rights and a chance at a Chapter Council Management Committee position. The full member will be eligible to hold a position on the National Council.
  • LEGAL/EDUCATIONAL DOCUMENTATION AND PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: The BDAA full member can use the BDAA Logo in promotional material for your own business, receive a free member’s profile page on the BDAA “Find a Designer” website for business, officially use BDAA “Practice Notes” and use the BDAA “Client Design Contract,” get Discount PI Insurance via industry partner “Webber Insurance” and Discount Legal advice via industry partner “Keystone Lawyers”. You will receive the BDAA weekly industry Report “5 Things You Need to Know.”
  • ONLINE GROUPS: You will be eligible to join BDAA’s national online members only Face Book Chat Group and to join BDAA’s national online unrestricted LinkedIn Chat Group. You will receive details of all BDAA social media platforms in which you can participate, receive industry updates and notifications through the BDAA EDM portal service.
  • EVENTS AND EDUCATION: Along with discounted rates to all CPD events and all BDAA educational courses, the Full Member will be eligible to participate in all BDAA events throughout Australia, to receive discounted rates to the BDAA National Conference, to use the BDAA CPD App, register your CPD attendance at BDAA events, receive a copy of the annual Winning Design magazine, along with notices outlining new laws, regulations and products.

Design and build the ultimate career today. Join the BDAA.

Membership Application:  Full Member

Personal Details
Business Details
If sole trader, please use surname only
e.g. (please include area code) 0255559999
Business Street Address
Residential Address
e.g. (please include area code) 0255559999

Terms and conditions

Open to persons who can provide evidence of experience, qualifications and knowledge as a Building Designer and maintains the currency of suitable Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance. Full Members are required to participate in the BDAA CPD program annually, or alternatively meet the CPD requirements of their state licensing/registration authority for Building Design or Architecture.

To make an application for Full Membership, the following items are required to be submitted with the online Full Membership Application form:

  • In some states, to practice as a Building Designer, a License or being Registered is a mandatory requirement. In this instance all that is required to be submitted with online application for Full Membership, is a copy of that current individual License or Registration and current certificate of Currency of Professional Indemnity Insurance.

If you do not hold a current License or Registration, the following documentation is required to be submitted with your online Full Membership Application:

  • Full working drawings and specifications of two recently completed projects that were authored by the Applicant or carried out under the Applicant’s direct supervision.
  • Completed Declaration of Authorship (which can be found in Become a Member on our website).
  • Evidence of completion of appropriate tertiary qualifications in architectural technology or approved equivalent.
  • Evidence of a minimum of two years’ experience in the building design profession. This can be supplied in the way of a short resume outlining your experience.
  • Certificate of Currency of Professional Indemnity Insurance.


(No other forms of Application will be accepted)