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Accreditation Application

The following information will assist you in putting together your accreditation application and submitting it through the On-Line application Form.

Step 1

Download the Accreditation Participant Handbook.

Please read through this as it will assist you in determining the level of accreditation that is appropriate for your needs.

  • It will also assist in determining the level of assessment you will need to undertake – Assessment Type A – for those with appropriate qualifications and experience.
  • Assessment Type B – for those who do not have the appropriate qualifications but do have the required level of experience and for those who have overseas qualifications.
Accreditation Participant Handbook

Step 2

Download the appropriate Application Form and follow the instructions on the Form to complete. Please ensure that you follow the file naming protocol noted on the Application Form.

Level 1 Open Accreditation
Level 2 Medium Rise Accreditation
Level 3 Low Rise Accreditation

Step 3

Download and complete the Statutory Declaration of Authorship.

This form must be witnessed and signed by an appropriate person. A list is provided with the form.

Statutory Declaration of Authorship Accreditation

Step 4

All applicants are required to complete the NCC Questionnaire.

All questions must be answered correctly and note that there may be multiple correct answers to some questions.

Applicants will be sent an NCC Questionnaire on payment of the Application fee.

Step 5

Download and complete the On-Line Lodgement Form.

Complete the fields in this Form and upload your documents in the appropriate boxes.

When completed, simply click on ‘SUBMIT’.

Online Application Form

Fee Payment

You do not have to include any payment at this stage ($1895 Application Fee) as an invoice will be generated once we have received the application and forwarded to you within 5 working days.

Once we have received the payment, your application will be assigned to an assessor for processing.


We endeavour to have all accreditation applications processed with 5 – 6 weeks.

Any Application for Accreditation that is received without all the required documentation is unable to be processed. An email will be forwarded to the Applicant requesting any outstanding or incorrect information. You may also be contacted by the assessor who is handling your application requesting further clarification on any matter.

This may delay the Application being approved and will incur a re-submission fee of up to $440 (incl GST).

If an Accreditation Application received is deemed unsuitable for approval by an Assessor, no refund is applicable. All attempts to assist an Applicant through the Assessment process will be made prior to this being done.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Please fill in any Application Form using correct punctuation to assist in processing speed. Please do not complete name in all capitals or all lower case, and also provide full address details and not abbreviated, eg st – please type Street.

This will assist our office in processing your application as quickly as possible.


Note: Where an applicant has had their application for Accreditation deemed as ‘not yet competent’ the applicant may reapply, after a period, not less than 6 months from the date the application was declined. This period is considered the minimum time needed for the applicant to provide a body of new work on which a new application can be assessed.
The full Application fee must be paid before the assessment can proceed.

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