The largest rooftop greenhouse in the globe has debuted in Montreal, to fill the burgeoning demand for locally sourced sustenance.

This organic vegetable garden grows in Canada’s second-largest city. Lufa Farms recently debuted the facility, sized 15,000 square metres. The garden’s purpose is to grow food sustainably, and close to the residences of those who will be fed.

This marks the fourth rooftop greenhouse Lufa Farms has established in Montreal. The first, grown in 2011, established new ground.

Other large-scale rooftop greenhouses of the world include American Gotham Greens, which built eight greenhouses across the major American cities of New York, Chicago and Denver, and French Urban Nature, planning a rooftop greenhouse in Paris circa 2022.

In addition, a Montreal supermarket carries a variety of vegetables raised on its roof, “greened” to decrease greenhouse gas emissions affiliated with climate change.


Source: Euronews.Com