Student Competition

ITI’s office at St Mary’s needs a makeover, and we’re turning to the brightest young minds for a visionary transformation. Are you ready to design the future? Introducing the Green Facelift competition, where your design could redefine how we look at sustainable architecture.

Partnering with BDAA, ITI Australia, and Weathertex, we’re setting the stage for students to showcase their design prowess. Your mission? Redesign the façade of ITI’s office, using a significant portion of Weathertex products, aligning your design with the tenets of sustainability, and creating a visually stunning exterior that fits seamlessly with its surroundings.

Design Requirements:

  • Revamp the façade with 50% or more of Weathertex products.
  • Use sustainable principles: think energy efficiency, waste reduction, and low-impact materials.
  • Craft a design that’s not just beautiful, but also harmonises with the existing architecture and environment.
  • Ensure your design ticks all boxes when it comes to codes and regulations.
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Submission Necessities:

  • Elevation drawings (front and side) to showcase your proposed façade.
  • Depictions of the proposed design.
  • A succinct 200-word brief, detailing your design concept, sustainability strategies, and material choices.
  • An itemised list of Weathertex products, complete with their design percentages.

Resources for Your Design Journey?

Kickstart Your Vision:

To assist you in understanding the current structure and aesthetics of the ITI office at St Mary’s, we’ve provided a comprehensive resource package. This will enable you to visualise, plan, and design with accuracy.

What’s Inside the Package?

  • Detailed elevation drawings of the existing façade.
  • Floor plans to help you grasp the current layout and space distribution.
  • High-resolution images capturing the current look and feel of the ITI office.

Why These Resources?

Having a clear understanding of the existing structure is essential. It ensures your designs are not only imaginative but also practical and implementable. With these resources at your fingertips, you can ensure your redesign is both innovative and feasible.

Download Floor Plans
Download Elevations
Download DWG

Judges’ Eyes On:

  • Your innovation with Weathertex products.
  • Commitment to sustainable principles.
  • Aesthetic allure and the wow factor.
  • Compliance with all regulations.
  • How well your design aligns with our competition’s goals.
  • Products Palette: Dive into a rich array of materials including Weathertex cladding (a must at a minimum of 50%), hardwood cladding, lifespan, vistaclad, timber posts or beams, and decking.
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Step into the limelight with phenomenal rewards for your exceptional designs:

1st Prize:

  • Cash reward of $5,000.
  • A coveted double page spread in the By Design magazine.
  • Your design journey documented in a case study video.
  • Essential assets for your portfolio to showcase your achievement.
  • Recognition and applause on BDAA, Weathertex, and ITI Australia’s social media platforms.

2nd Prize:

  • Cash reward of $1,000.
  • A dedicated single page feature in the By Design magazine.

3rd Prize:

  • Pocket a cool $500 for your innovative design.

Get Started:

  • Get on board with BDAA Membership for FREE.
  • Head to the BDAA Awards website to register for the competition.
  • Submit your groundbreaking design before the clock runs out.
  • Eagerly await the judges’ verdict and potentially see your vision come to life.

Are you ready to leave a mark on the world of sustainable design? The stage is set, the spotlight is on, and the future could be yours to design!