The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has introduced draft credits pertaining to their Green Star for New Buildings rating tool. The enhanced set of standards present detailed means intended to redefine the concept of sustainability for newly built structures and major renovations.

With the release of these draft modifications, GBCA continues its longstanding mission of global leadership across Australia to redefine sustainability for 21rst century buildings.

Green Star for New Buildings dictates that any building awarded a 6 Star Green Star rating will boast zero operational carbon emissions. Five Star Green Star buildings will stand always at net zero ready, and 4 Star Green Star buildings will supply a new entry point for sustainable structures, requiring 10 percent fewer upfront and operational emissions than National Construction Code 2019 requirements.

Defining the proposed shifts to the rating tools as a ‘step-change’, GBCA head of market transformation Jorge Chapa stated that the organisation has fortified their standing certification requirements, set new benchmarks regarding carbon emissions, and established a farther-reaching and more holistic approach to sustainability in building design.

Chapa calls the new guidelines the result of an extensive consultation effort, with the proposed credits reflecting industrywide demand for the Green Star program to inspire innovation and leadership throughout the supply chain, while also keeping in step with the quickening momentum inspired by global and market drivers for change.

GBCA also has created eight categories to further define a building’s sustainability ratio, while also providing more healthful, stronger standing and more affirming places for human beings and nature, built ethically by leaders, Chapa said.

All structures seeking a Green Star rating must comply with many of the new draft credits outlined in these categories. These draft credits are suggested as fresh minimum expectations for each Green Star-rated building.

These updates also serve to better facilitate the completion of a Green Star building by way of easier documentation, certification and enhanced digitalisation.

GBCA invites stakeholders to express their honest opinions regarding these newly proposed draft credits. This feedback will be accepted until the end of February 2020.