Introduced in October, the new Green Star Buildings tool from the Green Building Council is a tool of accord, bringing in a new generation of buildings that benefit people and the earth.

Answering a few questions can supply the foundation for a solid sustainability brief.

The realm of sustainability is growing to encompass health and wellbeing, resilient natures, environmental and regenerative development. There are now many ways to attain a Green Star rating.

Which of these tools matters the most to the stakeholder community, the developer, operator, tenants, residents and ecosystems?

Regardless of the answer, the important thing is to get the sustainability team excited about sustainability. Connect with the local community and approach sustainability with a holistic approach–energy, water, materials, etc. All of these elements must come together into a high-performing system.

Green Star encompasses individual credits and fragmented parts of high-performance systems. Yet Green Star is growing, and the tool is a step in the right direction.

Any sustainability brief should set forth principles, objectives and results that advance the cause whole of system performance. We need to aim for carbon neutral, water balanced and zero waste systems, among others.

In the view of many, gold star sustainability is not possible without a Green Star sustainability brief.

Source: Sourceable.Net