Hebel “Industry Partner”Award


Simon Hayward | Simon Hayward Design
La Casa Panarea
Simon Hayward’s La Casa Panarea is the winner of the Hebel Award. A triangular shaped site with the longest boundary facing the street created a planning challenge. The linear building footprint runs along the front boundary maximising north orientation. Rammed earth front fences, shear curtains and vegetation help provide privacy from the street while still maximising winter sun into the house. The living areas open to both north and south private outdoor spaces for year-round outdoor living. The linear house layout provides ideal north – south cross ventilation negating the need for artificial heating and cooling. The polished concrete floor and rammed earth blade walls provide excellent thermal mass while giving the house a unique character.

The owner’s adventurous style can be seen in the façade where elements inspired by ‘Panarea’ (an Aeolian Island off the coast of Sicily) exist such as white rendered walls, rammed earth and a Cactus garden. The north courtyard with deciduous vines and removable battens over a pergola help to provide improved solar passive performance year round. The owner’s personality can also be seen in the eclectic bathroom selections and artwork that adorns the walls as if in an art gallery.