The GoSun Dream is a small home on wheels that operates on solar power. It comes equipped with all you need to live off the grid for up to 30 days, including a full kitchen, bathroom, two queen-sized beds, and regulated temperature control.

Designed with sloped walls and ceilings, the Dream is a fairy tale of a home boasting modern finishes like clean, white walls paired with ebony cabinets and window trimming, natural timber countertops and ceilings.

Sized 195 square feet, this home features a complete kitchen and equally complete energy efficiency. This culinary cove features a refrigerator, a stovetop with two burners, range hood, and even an oven.

The GoSun Dream was designed by GoSun, which once dealed in solar appliances but has now produced solar-powered tiny homes on wheels that are outside the box—and off the grid.

The Dream features propane for cooking and heating the home, along with an inverter and lithium-ion batteries. And the Dream can be towed by a three-quarter or one-ton pickup truck, and the home can be hooked up to conventional power sources. With all hopes The Dream will come alive here in Australia sometime soon. The Dream sells for $69,700—for more information, visit GoSun’s website.


Source: Apartment Therapy.Com