Building design enthusiasts are sure to “love” Carlo Ratti’s Playscaper – a 300 ft tall tower that represents an artsy stack of eight tennis courts. Partnering with Italo, the idea behind this design is more accessible in urban regions, where space poses a challenge.

Playscaper can be put together and taken apart apart, which facilitates the staging of competitions across the globe while lessening building costs and not needing a sizable area.

Playscaper will supply 60,000 ft2 (5,500 m2) of total playing space via vertically layered courts. The tower’s structure will be built with the use of lightweight stainless-steel that likens the exterior shell of a spaceship and was developed by Broad Sustainable Building.

This project is predicted to represent a new landmark for sports enthusiasts, as well as a novel application of public space, extending vertically as opposed to horizontally. The tower is simple to install and dismantle and can be transported. This versatile approach coincides with the circular character of contemporary sports contests, which relocate through the year, said architect and engineer Carlo Ratti, founder of CRA and director of the MIT Senseable City Lab.

The lengthy sides of each ‘box’ include an electric façade that can stream sporting matches and other digital content. Along the short sides, transparent walls supply panoramic views of the exterior. The project was developed for RCS Sport, the sport and media branch of the European multimedia publishing group RCS. Carlo Ratti Associati toiled on the design with a large team of engineers and technical consultants.

Source: Yankodesign.Com