In spite of the federal government’s HomeBuilder scheme coming to a close, house building has attained record highs in April, as new apartment development activity descends to its lowest point since 2012.

Archistar’s end of month reports showing house and townhouse and unit activity reflect the fact that successful housing markets and a revitalised and developing economy is empowering the boost in home building, with the government scheme concluding March 31.

Building rates are anticipated to hike until the medium-term, because of stimulus initiatives reaching their conclusion.

An annual record of 124,701 new home developments have been reported throughout the year, a striking reversal in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Building in all Perth sectors has continued to go up, to the point where it is trending against the unit and townhouse markets of other big cities.

Perth growth levels have increased 118.0% compared to 2020, with Melbourne reporting the most new housing approvals for the month out of all major cities at 2662, marking a rise of 11.5% in comparison to the same time in 2020. Sydney approvals stood second to last at 1321, in spite of recording the third highest elevation in activity. Its average building price was the highest at $368,643, followed by Melbourne at $339,268, Brisbane $305,431, Perth $274,838 and Adelaide $260,095.

Units and apartments, by contrast, decreased 29% compared to this time in 2020, with yearly activity levels the lowest since 2012.

High density approvals throughout capital cities now account for merely 32.2% of the market in February and the lowest monthly result since September 2009.

Although townhouse building keeps outperforming units, activity levels went down throughout the first two months of 2021 – down by 12.6% in comparison to the same period in 2020. Unit development descended again in comparison – down by a level of 34.6% over the same this year to date contrasts.

All capitals except for Perth — with a 8.7% boost in comparison to the previous year’s total — recorded sharp descent in ABS unit building approvals throughout the year ending February in comparison to the previous year’s activity with Sydney down 9.6%, Melbourne down 37.0%, Brisbane down 4.6% and Adelaide lower by 46.6%.

Brisbane experienced the most elevated boost in townhouse building approvals throughout the year ending February 2021 up by 25.1% followed by Melbourne up 7.1% and Sydney higher by 0.1%. Townhouse building approvals decreased by 13.2% for Adelaide and 21.9% for Perth on the same year on year comparisons.

Both reports can be read at the Archistar website. For more info, click here.


Source: Architecture and Design.Com. Au