Architects have conceptualized a single-family home in Geneva’s Lancy suburb as a floating domestic factory. The building sits on stilts and devises a protective roof over the terrace and parking spot, which link to the overgrown garden.

This project is for a private client and is being designed by Leopold Banchini Architects, with Ingeni providing structural engineering services. The jobsite is located at 19 avenue Eugène Lance, 1212 Grand Lancy (CH).

Boasting a shed roof and a façade closed up on three sides, the home is congruent with its industrial setting. The lot is adjacent to extensive railway grounds with tracks and areas committed to industrial usage. Visitors walk in to the home at ground level through a glass-enclosed space that seems to merge with the garden. A minimalist steel spiral stairway accesses the actual living storey, which features several rooms. The square floor plan is divided by a supportive grid of the wooden structure and two interior patios. The majority of space is taken up by the living room with an open kitchen and dining area; the whole space is subdivided into smaller spaces by one of dual patios.

The living room accesses the railway tracks to the east via a glazed façade, while the alternate sides of the home seal themselves via a closed façade of ebony wood. The two patios and the shed roof permit daylight to filter inward. In addition to the surfaces of the ceilings and walls, which are composed of white-lacquered OSB panels, this facilitates a bright atmosphere that stands in contrast with the darker outside of the structure.

With the home, the architects strive to provide an alternative to Switzerland’s concrete building techniques. The light timber construction, primarily prefabricated, is not only economical and ecoconscious, it is also time-efficient. It was put up within a mere few days.