Romeciti, the Sydney based developer, wants to increase the appeal of its apartment by adding community benefits for its residents, such as nursery and winery.

The residential apartment market is crowded, making it difficult for developers to stand out. Some developers have found that adding luxury elements to their apartments, like Miele appliances, timber flooring and marble kitchens can help boost sales.

Romeciti stated that they have achieved keeping up its customer loyalty strong and remain active in the market, besides the current situation. Their secret is adding various community and social benefits to customers while focusing on sustainability at the same time.

The community with benefits

The developer offers something they call Green Life Community Circle. According to Romeciti, this is a “community with benefits”, specifically designed to be different than anything the market has to offer. One of the benefits that this community offers is music scholarships for students from the community, with first stage valued at around $100,000. This scholarship is a result of a partnership with The ONE Smart Piano School.

However, this scholarship is not the only element of the strategy Romeciti developed to support the community. The spokeswoman of the company said that there are plans to give awards in dancing, painting and other forms of art.

She said that Romeciti always believed that there are values which can make the difference. Furthermore, she stated that the company aims with every development to build a healthy and happy community. The Green Life Community Circle represents those values. The company plans to enhance the circle concept by purchasing lifestyle businesses. The idea is to enable their customers to access to promotional discounts, deals and invitations to events through those businesses.

So far, the company purchased two plants nurseries (at Camden and North Rock in Sydney), and both of them will be developed as lifestyle and playground destinations for residents. Another purchase is 170-year-old Kevin Sobels winery, which is located in the Hunter Valley.

The company has another purpose in mind for the nurseries – they should provide space for shrubs and larger plants, which should help increase the appeal of the developments. Romeciti is committed to being known as the lifestyle provider, with the Green Life experience going beyond the apartment complex of the resident.

A spokeswoman said that their customers are always excited to see what the company offers next.