A powerful source of new blood is coming from within Liberal circles, with new and Liberal Party-defecting individuals pushing for a more socially progressive agenda with a big emphasis on climate change action.

A powerful example came from the winners of the Wentworth by-election and the Victorian state election, where both platforms focused primarily on climate action. An increasing amount of prominent figures are now challenging the hard right’s determination to suppress the validity of climate action and clean energy.

Elected Liberal members Julie Bishop and Julia Banks resigned from the front bench and from the party respectively. The highly talented Alice Thompson then threw her hat into the ring to challenge former PM Ton Abbott in Warringah. Her strong credentials include working on cities under Malcolm Turnbull and in Infrastructure Australia, combined with a strong science and environmental background.

Zali Steggall, a four time winter Olympian and ex-barrister Liberal, is also leading a successful campaign with climate change at the forefront of her agenda. Another individual with high regard in the clean energy space is Oliver Yates who is challenging energy minister Josh Frydenberg in the seat of Kooyong.

With the extremes of weather reinforcing the importance of what is currently at stake, there is currently a lot of hope for an interesting political year ahead.