The NSW Government has committed to attaining net zero emissions by the year 2050. This will enhance the quality of life for the citizens of NSW, preserve the environment and keep a strong economy.

According to recent correspondence from Felicity Greenway, Executive Director, State Policy and Strategic Advice, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, government administrators are enhancing BASIX standards to reduce emissions further.

BASIX is contributing to the achievement of net zero by lessening water and energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions from new homes and apartments.

Program administrators welcome feedback on suggested changes to BASIX standards.

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These reforms are intended to save another 150,000 tonnes of carbon annually. That equals the running of 31 wind turbines for one year and sufficient electricity to power 27,000 homes annually or planting about half a million trees.

In December 2021, program administrators will be releasing the BASIX sandbox tool, a new beta version of the BASIX tool integrated into the Planning Portal. They are developing the new tool in stages. An individual email will be sent to BASIX users, seeking expressions of interest in the BASIX sandbox trial.


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