Jarrett Drake – “The Twin Elms”

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At Drake Design, we are guided by the basic core belief that every project deserves the same quality and respect. Our team of building designers and draftspeople are passionate about functional home design and take pride in every project. In an industry where reliability can often be questioned, Drake Design believe in the importance of building good, honest working relationships.

Throughout the years, we’ve developed and fostered strong partnerships with many clients, builders and consultants, who have undoubtedly contributed to our success with each and every project. Be it a small residential addition, a multi-residential, or a large industrial warehouse development, our quality service will produce a quality project every time.

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The team at Drake Design believes that design shouldn’t feel like a luxury. Since a home is often the largest and most important investment a person will ever make, there’s no reason to conform to a narrow selection of mass-produced, off the-shelf products; homeowners have the power to demand more from their homes. A good designer has the ability to provide a tailor-made design experience, driven by great communication, quality expertise and a genuine desire to bring the client the home of their dreams.

Drake Design believes that every Australian deserves a home that speaks to their personal needs, both functionally and visually, and its team collectively helps to realise a space that is designed to fit and enhance how they want to live. As custom designers, the team at Drake Design will ensure important architectural considerations relating to the individual site and style of the home are made – including orientation, solar access, wind paths, and rainfall, making homes cheaper, easier, cleaner, and more efficient for years to come. To create a home that truly speaks to client’s individual lifestyle and needs, these elements need to be factored in during the design and planning process. Drake Designs’ philosophy is that taking the time to find the right designer cannot be valued highly enough, and that employing a skilled designer who shares your vision is a guaranteed way to achieve a high level of quality, efficiency, and value in a home.

Design Brief

To provide a contemporary Townhouse Development that embodied the vibrant nature of the adjacent activity centre of café’s, bar’s & restaurants of Olde Berwick, whilst acknowledging the tradition and the iconic locale. The dwellings needed to address the lifestyle of the potential resident and would aspire to maximise the liveability of the dwellings footprint whilst respecting the streetscape and adding value to the neighbourhood character.

In doing so the design would need to respond and reflect the high-end expectations of the surrounding area of the which the market would expect. This site presented many challenges from the typography slope, significant tree & landscape setbacks, streetscape massing, and incorporation of contemporary design within a historical neighbourhood setting. Integral to minimizing the impact of massing on the streetscape.

Design Solution

The inspiration behind the design intent for The Twin Elms were to incorporate the use of angular walls to articulate the massing and setbacks from the streets and pay homage to the Avenue of Honour the site presents. Clean modern lines and modernist forms were utilised to implement a modern contemporary design within a historical neighbourhood setting and this was further strengthened by using muted tones throughout the external material palette to be harmonious with the surrounding setting. Respecting the Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) through large street setbacks allowed the dwellings to not only conserve these historic trees but to allow the future inhabitants to bask in them from all spaces throughout the dwellings. A fundamental aspect was to encompass solar gain & capture natural light into the internal spaces while providing calculated passive heating and cooling through eave over-hang and carefully placed spaces so as to be protected from unwanted heat in kinder months.

Reinforced with the use of integrating double glazing to the design. Connecting the internal spaces to the street landscape was vital and celebrated the Elm Trees on the streets and embody the vibrant nature of the adjacent activity centre. Celebrating the iconic site location for the dwellings was carefully considered and designed to add value to the surrounding neighbourhood character for many years to come. The significant suburban vista and distant views are celebrated throughout the dwellings with the assistance of expansive glazing for the living spaces of Unit 1 and balconies of both units.