Melanie Symington – “May Residence”

Innovative Timber Ideas Industry Partner Award

Entrant Biography

Melanie Symington is the principle designer and owner of Seaside Homes. She has been designing homes for 25 years. She is a multi-award winning building designer and has been winning state and national design awards regularly since 2008.

She was raised on construction sites which has lead to a passion for creating homes and curating an exceptional customer journey that empowers clients as part of the design process. She believes in the celebration of life through intimate spaces and wants to help people experience the joy of having their dream home designed for them.

Media Release Information

At Seaside Homes we know a house is more than just a building, it’s a place that you spend years of your life in. We want your home to be something you are proud of even decades after it was built. This is why we use design concepts that are enduringly beautiful.

Elegant, modern and functional. Like Audrey Hepburn in house form.

Design Brief

The beachside village location aligned with the client’s preference for a casual “beachy” style home. A timeless architectural style was chosen to ensure the home had enduring appeal.The owner recognised that the beach views would be better the higher she was in the house, but preferred to focus on balancing the views with a closer connection to the garden and pool areas.

Garden access for her two small dogs, and a desire to not feel like she was living in a large house were a priority. .This home was to be primarily for the owner but was to be able to temporarily accommodate her adult sons and their partners at various times.

Design Solution

A gable form was chosen to enable dramatic raked ceilings over the primary living rooms and main bedroom, whilst allowing for three stories of secondary rooms to be incorporated into the western side of the home. The entry of the house was elevated to achieve views over the road level to the ocean and to balance with the more dense form on the western side of the structure.

The living room, dining and kitchen spaces open to decks on both sides and connect with the master suite and study. These rooms create a comfortable scale for the home owner but connect softly to the the secondary wing of the home. This wing comprises a lounge and bar space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a deck and an indepent entry. The careful zoning of the spaces allows the home to be used in many different formats over its lifetime.