Reece Keil – “Hidden Haven”

Weathertex Industry Partner Award

Entrant Biography

Reece Keil holds 19 years industry experience accredited to 7 years post study as lead designer & documenter within a multi diciplined architectural firm concentrating on residential, commercial & industrial projects. Followed by 12 years independent practice focused on both the building design & interior detailing of mid & high end residential design projects.

With a portfolio including national & international residential and commercial projects, Reece Keil plans to further concentrate on high end residential dwellings and and bespoke resort projects within Australia and throughout the Oceana international region focussing on master planning, building design & interior design.

Media Release Information

Led by Reece Keil, Reece Keil Design is a boutique, progressive and adaptive design firm located on the Gold Coast. Focussed on bespoke residential design & aesthetics we treat every project as a challenge to produce the best outcome for our clients and their sites.

Addressing function and form with equality, we have honed our skills and fine tuned our craft by obsessing over presenting and delivering high quality projects accross all levels of budgets.

Design Brief

Our client required a uniquely designed home in both layout and aesthetic to stand out in a flooded market of predictable ‘on trend’ homes. The home was to respond to its aspect and outlook to maximise desireability as a luxury ‘dry block’ home drawing attention to a universal function of both living and entertaining.

The site required the home to be private yet welcoming of northern light whilst drawing the eye to the Golf Coarse view to the West. Budget was tight and had to be managed to prevent overruns so as not to loose focus of the home’s purpose to present better to the market than most with an efficient construction price tag to suit.

Design Solution

We analysed the workings and constraints of the site to arrave at a ‘C’ shaped floor plan that hugs the northern aspect and distributes all the qualities of a north facing home but on a west facing site. We designed a minimalistic form with sharp design features to anchor a visual illusion of complexity and detail finished with a mixed palette of textural moody finishes that extend from outside to inside designed to demand attention. 3 main design components working together in unisen to highten the interest of anyone and everyone.

The layout of the floor plan was designed to allow a multitude of inner functionality arrangements for the homes occupants from private living to open connected entertaining and all laving arrangements in between.