#IBDD 18th August 2023

International Building Designers Day is a global celebration dedicated to recognising and honoring the contributions of building designers in shaping our built environment. It serves as a platform to highlight their creativity, innovation, and expertise, showcasing the vital role they play in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable spaces.

This day is an opportunity to appreciate the impact of building designers in enhancing our quality of life and to inspire future generations to pursue careers in this dynamic field. International Building Designers Day promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the advancement of design principles, ultimately driving the evolution of the industry and fostering a better-built world for all.

Mastering the BIM Landscape Online Event

The theme of International Building Designer Day 2023 is Mastering the BIM Landscape.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM)? This event is designed exclusively for building designers, aiming to empower you with insights, knowledge, and practical tools to excel in BIM implementation.

This year the BDAA acknowledges the invaluable contributions of building designers like you to the built environment, by providing an exciting opportunity to delve into the immense potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in transforming the industry.

Event Details

Date: Friday 18th August 2023

Location: Online

Time: 10am – 4pm

Cost: FREE

CPD: 4 Formal CPD points

Join us for a dynamic online experience that will bring together experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts from around the world. This year’s event will feature morning and afternoon sessions, ensuring that you have ample opportunity to explore the world of BIM and its profound impact on the industry.

This event is designed to provide you with practical knowledge, enhance your skill set, and broaden your horizons in BIM. Topics to be covered include:

  • The Evolution and Future of BIM
  • BIM Best Practices and Implementation Strategies
  • Real-world Case Studies and Project Showcases
  • Expert Talks on Emerging Technologies in BIM

Registration for this event is free, and we encourage you to register now to secure your spot.


There are many ways to celebrate!

All building design disciplines and forms of expression are welcome. Share by sending us the documentation of what you see or what you do: videos, photos, drawings, maps, here are some kickstart ideas:

Go public on local design. Organise local talks or presentations with examples of great design!

Take us on a tour. Organise a walk with members of the design community, touring your city and surroundings in search of local examples of New Design!

Design together. Bring people from various disciplines to frame and solve local design problems. Send us the documentation!

Open your studio. Showing the community examples of what great design means to you and how design can help the world and solve problems.

Document your process by sharing examples of great design in your community.

Work with local governments to recognise International Building Designer Day and take a stance on the community impact of the profession.

Participate on social media by sharing your discoveries of innovative designs that create surprising solutions to meet local needs or designs in any discipline that positively affect the environment around you.

#IBDD Hashtag

Discuss and share ideas on social media

We encourage you to post about issues relating to the theme on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Share with us your historical tidbits, or inspiring stories, the advocacy work of designers that have or are inspiring you. Post and tag us so that we can see and share your stories. Posts can include: personal stories, historical information, inspiring anecdotes, issues in the headlines that highlight the need for professionalism in design, forgotten figures in design history and their contributions.