International Building Designer Day

As a building designer, you realise that ours is the profession that forms the true backbone of the global built environment. It is the building designer that fills a nation’s landscape with commercial, residential and industrial structures that achieve the optimum functionality, beauty and sustainability.

Yet you also know that the pivotal role of the building designer is seldom fully appreciated; which is why we at the Building Designers Association of Australia are thrilled to present the inaugural celebration of International Building Designer Day #IBDD, which will be celebrated all around the world for the first time on 18th August 2021.

We are planning a full schedule of programs, events, webinars, parties, and other happenings that will serve to celebrate and initiate International Building Designer Day on a global level; making this day a tradition around the world.

As a building designer, this is your day to shine. Let’s build a brilliant new tradition here in Australia.

Join us on #IBDD

Celebrate International Building Designer Day by going Around the World in a Day with some of the most prominent and dynamic building design experts across the globe! We invite everyone to join us on International Building Designer Day for this dropin / dropout style event, watching those informational events of particular interest to you.


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Here is the schedule for the premiere Around the World in a Day event

18 August 2021

Speaker Date/Time Presentation title
Welcome 10:00 AM Official opening of International Building Designer Day
David Chandler
NSW Building Commissioner
10:30 AM The challenge for Modern Regulators to achieve compliance when buildings are sourced from a global construction eco system
Cory Webb 11:00 AM How to design for solar access (Live demonstration)
Brett Annesley 11:30 AM CSR – Facade and Structural Wall Solutions
Esther James 12:00 PM Designing, detailing, building a 9.1* home
Jeremy Hakins 12:30 PM The Digital Swindle
Jeremy Rose 01:00 PM The journey to a sustainable future
Michael Nolan 01:30 PM Why performance fibres are a MUST for sustainable concrete
Christine McCoy 02:00 PM Trends in the Exterior Material World
Jamie Harris 02:30 PM Rejuvenated Timbers – Sustainable Firewood, Reclaimed Hardwood Timber, Unique Rustic Hardwood Furniture and Beyond
Karina Traill 03:00 PM Timber garage door trends for designers
Jeffrey Strumpman 03:30 PM Timber LED Illuminated Handrails and Pendants
Jason Furness 04:00 PM Innovative Water Solutions
Farzan Naghshineh 04:30 PM Windows and energy
Dick Clarke 05:00 PM Passivhaus trends in Australia
Andrew Savage 05:30 PM Building sustainably with Weathertex
Paul dolphin 06:00 PM Liveability
Dane Kearns 06:30 PM FLAMEfixx dFx has achieved BAL40
Arman Gouniaei 07:00 PM Violin House
Matilde Martin 07:30 PM The importance of Biophilia
Roly Villapana 08:00 PM 5 bedrooms Two storey private residence
Michael Godfrey 08:30 PM Silhouette by Easycraft
Kanchana Hettiyakanda 09:00 PM Kanchana Hettiyakanda
Niall Galvin 09:30 PM Fisher & Paykel Experience Centre Walkthrough
PC Thomas 10:00 PM Comfortable Houses in Moderate Climates!
Larissa McCollin 10:30 PM Glazing is Technology
Kirstie Wulf 11:00 PM Why we should be building with hemp
Christina Kim 11:30 PM Holistic Approach to Architecture
Teresa Serrao Mignight How to get started in Building Design?

19 August 2021

Speaker Date/Time Presentation title
Lee Larbalestier 06:30 AM Benefits of Insulated Panel
Carol Parr 07:00 AM Design for Health – Undercover with Your Building Biologist
Rav De Silva 7:30 AM Our Airtight and well insulated buildings+Equal First Flame Zone Passive House
Pooja Verma 08:00 AM Designing for Seniors Care Environments
Germano Tomassetti 08:30 AM World Timber Shortage
Geoffrey Ong 09:00 AM Create beautiful facades
Angela Wang 09:30 AM The Human Factor in Designing Aged Care & Retirement Living Facilities

Register once, and attend all events for free!

Register to join us for FREE!

International Building Designer Day 2021: A New Day, A New Design

The theme of International Building Designer Day 2021 is A New Day, A New Design. The goal of #IBDD is to challenge your colleagues to answer some pivotal questions regarding the global building industry and the built environment.

We encourage BDAA chapters to plan some fun events. Participants worldwide are invited to gather, innovate, and live out a moment of design by organising public events and initiatives.

There are many ways to celebrate!

All building design disciplines and forms of expression are welcome. Share by sending us the documentation of what you see or what you do: videos, photos, drawings, maps, here are some kickstart ideas:

Go public on local design. Organise local talks or presentations about examples of A New Day, A New Design!

Take us on a tour. Organise a walk with members of the design community, touring your city and surroundings in search of local examples of New Design!

Design together. Bring people from various disciplines to frame and solve local design problems. Send us the documentation!

Open your studio. Share your New Day, New Design in Action! Showing the community examples of what great design means to you and how design can help the world and solve problems.

Document your process by expressing A New Day, A New Design, by sharing examples of great design in your community.

Work with local governments to recognise International Building Designer Day and take a stance on the community impact of the profession.

Participate on social media by sharing your discoveries of innovative designs that create surprising solutions to meet local needs or designs in any discipline that positively affect the environment around you.

#IBDD Hashtag

Discuss and share ideas on social media

We encourage you to post about issues relating to the theme on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Share with us your historical tidbits, or inspiring stories, the advocacy work of designers that have or are inspiring you. Post and tag us so that we can see and share your stories. Posts can include: personal stories, historical information, inspiring anecdotes, issues in the headlines that highlight the need for professionalism in design, forgotten figures in design history and their contributions.