In its 2020 Colour Forecast, paint maker Dulux asserts that colour trends next year will fall into four key categories.

The first category is ‘grounded’ colours, which likens elements like earth and sky and elicits a safe feeling.

Styles created via this naturalized palette would bring about an overall mood of minimalist warmth, perfect for a simple, uncluttered, infinitely comfortable life geared toward enlightened life choices—without skimping on beauty, style and expert craftsmanship of furnishings and decor.

As expected, this look is achieved with natural materials which evoke emotion through their raw texture and beauty. Yet neutral does not translate to dull, as accent colours in rugs, cushions and artworks, hand crafted furniture and lovely home décor, can brighten the design scheme.

Grounded hues include white, caramel, soft lavender and blush, and terracotta.

A ‘comeback’ colour style combines eclectic style with vintage charm, conjuring a rich, textured aesthetic that makes a definite style statement.

This look borrows a ‘retro’ look from design periods of the 1920-1950s like the Bauhaus, and Arts and Crafts movements. The intended effect is a strong persona and real sense of home. Shades of deep blue dominate this scheme, with this azure hue bringing peace and calm to room inhabitants.

Tonal blues liken those frequently seen in the early twentieth century, with warm tones of burgundy, rust and mustard enhancing this vintage look.

The ‘cultivate’ trend is more active in this mission, and aims to rejuvenate, power up and inspire. Elements of natural are introduced into the home space to enhance personal growth and development. The cultivate palette is a calming, gentle layering of greens that strengthens our link to nature. These are intermingled with invigorating accents of chalky blue, deep plum and yellow curd.

Lastly, the ‘cacoon’ trend appeals to our yearning to ‘disconnect’ from the challenges of everyday living; relaxing and destressing in a romantic setting.

With this colour scheme, homeowners wrap themselves in comfy layers of luxe fabric and rounded forms. Hard surfaces are made softer with fringing, chenille and velvet. Colours in this palette include melon, salmon, brown, red and cosmetic tints—resulting in an immersive and elegant interior.