Often in the past, interconnected communities can come off a little cramped and confining—with the alternative being a spacious home and lot with few stores or resources nearby.

House by Urban Splash is a mode of housebuilding that produces architect-designed, flexible, sustainable houses in conjoined, community-focused neighbourhoods. Motivated by an ethos it deems Live Well By Design, the developer is devising dynamic places to reside with connectivity at their soul.

Diminishing the featureless suburban estate stereotype, House states its communities like Port Loop in Birmingham, New Islington in Manchester and Inholm in Cambridge – all in the UK – blend vibrant, beautiful, sustainable neighbourhoods with full access – often on foot or by bike – to city centers.

Small-scale indie cafes, arts programs, cycling clubs and community events lend life to these sites, while closeness to water and biodiverse communal gardens planted with regional species in alignment with the Japanese landscaping concept ‘gohon no ki’ supply the space to play, exercise and breathe.

Architects shedkm and Glenn Howells Architects lend artistic design credibility and variety to the neighbourhoods.

Town House is a roomy two- or three-story home which residents can reimagine to accommodate their needs – open plan, multi-room or a combo across each floor designing their own layouts through House’s online design tool.

Row House is a modernistic mews house specified with a roof terrace, and Mansion House provides modern dual-aspect apartments with one or two bedrooms. Large windows filter natural light and space is abundant, so buyers can exchange their kitchen table for a home office, and their overwhelmed under-bed storage for a walk-in wardrobe.

With a mission to empower folks to ‘be green without trying’, House neighbourhoods encourage low carbon living, with energy-efficient homes, green transport options and shared services, as well as sustainable methods of producing and building the houses.

This degree of innovation is the result of the collaboration behind House, between UK developer Urban Splash and Seksui House.

Seksui House was founded in Osaka in the 1960s and has evolved into Japan’s biggest housebuilder. Started on an uncompromising design philosophy, ecoconscious agenda and commitment to building houses around lifestyle, it’s now the universal leader in the building of net-zero-energy homes.

Residents love the space and the light, the homes and the surroundings. They live life on a leisurely loop at Port Loop.



Source: Homes and Gardens.Com

Image credit: House by Urban Splash