When you get bored of your home or outgrow the home, there are a number of options to consider. While most consider renovations, there is a sometimes a better alternative, and in some cases not much more expensive than a full renovation.

Knockdown building allows you to stay in your own location but changes the entire structure you live in by knocking down the old one and building a new on its place. There are three possible ways to do this, each one speaks to a specific budget, and all demand the same dedication and patience from the homeowner.

Volume builder

If your budget is limited, then a volume builder is your best solution. These are contractors that have a catalog of standard houses they provide. Since they work with standard features and designs, their prices are lower. While they do provide you with standard features, you are not limited to changing things. However, every change comes with a cost.

Architect built

If you want a bespoke solution that meets your demands, then you should opt for an architect that will design and manage the project. With the services of an Architect, you get to plan and design your home with every feature and function cared for. Obviously, these are more expensive than volume builders, and you need to have good chemistry with the architect.

Austin Maynard Architects is a company that specializes in such projects, and Austin states that meeting a client is like a first date, “We want to know how they live and where the ideas they have for a home come from. We want them to express ‘how’ they will live.”

Austin understands that success is in the details and that listening to the client and understanding their emotional context is key to a successful relationship. He also stated that “Budget comes into the conversation very quickly. We discuss it upfront, so people are prepared. Homes cost a lot of money, so we discuss square-meter rates from the outset.”

Architects need to meet expectations, and this is where budget and communications come into play, he said that “While it’s in the design stage the costs are more abstract. It’s when you’re on site that the stresses arrive and that’s why you need to talk about costs before anything happens on site.”

The bottom line of an architect designed home, is, as Austin stated “It’s a balance between being realistic about the costs and keeping the excitement alive. You want clients to walk into their house at the end of the day into something they love.”

Custom luxury builder

Custom luxury builders are basically contractors with architects, and specialize only in expensive luxury home projects. One such company is Comdain Homes who works with clients that have a budget between $800,000 and $2.5 million.

Comodain managing Director Jon Coen states that  the clients all want a custom-built and bespoke luxury home. “Our role is to talk them through all the important considerations including the principles of good design, especially from an orientation point of view.”

Luxury Homebuilders like Comdain are contractors that listen to their clients, unlike volume builders that have a preset plan and the client listens to them. As Coen explained “We work closely with the client to ensure they get the home they want. Every site is unique, and we customize the home to meet not only a client’s needs but also their budget.”