Naturalist Sir David Attenborough praised Australian architect Koichi Takada this week via social media.

The Japanese-born and Sydney-based architect made it his aim to create the world’s greenest building—and Attenborough took notice.

Koichi Takada Architects will build a 30-storey apartment structure in Brisbane for their client Aria Property Group, with work to start at the end of 2021. His motivation? The global climate crisis.

Called Urban Forest, the new building will be ensconced in 1000 trees, more than 20,000 native plants and 250 native Queensland species.

Takada states that the salvation of the planet and the environment needs to be a top goal for everyone, from governments to building design firms.

Urban Forest aims to strike a balance with the environment while achieving a low carbon footprint. Takada is pleased that his current building client shared his sustainable vision.

A vertical garden cascades upward to the top of the tower-like building. A metropolitan forest will surround it.

Takada’s genuine approach to architecture is motivated by a feeling of purpose and fidelity to Mother Nature fostered after viewing Attenborough’s Netflix documentary A Life on Our Planet.

Takada acknowledged and appreciated Attenborough’s documentary and his praise, and says that he wants his work to prove a solution to the global climate crisis, not another problem.

The residential building will include 382 homes, a dual-level rooftop garden and a public park and communal space.

Also featuring organic, sculptural, stepping facades coated in greenery that supply physical and visual insulation from the sun, wind and rain, the structure will brim with sky gardens and facade vegetation to guarantee natural thermal and solar insulation.

Takada also hopes to build awareness with this building, whose sustainable features also include solar panels to create renewable energy, gardens irrigated by harvested rainwater and grey-water collection, carbon offset, and the inclusion of sustainable, low-maintenance materials.

The ultimate goal, Takada says, is mass greening.

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