The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has released the Census Report 2001-2016 – Women in Landscape Architecture. The report aims to help the AILA foster an inclusive, progressive, and modern landscape architecture profession.

AILA President Shaun Walsh said, “The study is the first step in a broader gender equity program and we look forward to leading a broader conversation with all members on how we should appropriately respond to the report’s findings. We will be forming a Gender Equity Working Group and spend the first quarter of 2019 sharing the results with our industry through various mediums.”

To provide data from which to make such decisions, AILA collaborated with Parlour and the Monash XYX Lab by commissioning a study on gender equity in landscape architecture.

The report found strong representation from women with increasing participation over the course of the 21st century. Data showed that women’s work patterns changed significantly over the course of their careers, with high numbers of women moving into part-time work as they aged. This suggests flexibility in the amount of work available in the industry. However, the stark difference in the amount of men taking up part-time work later in their career suggests that the industry succumbs to societal norms around childcare.

Whilst there is no discernible gender pay gap at the junior end of the profession, the report highlights an overall gender pay gap of 10 per cent across all full-time workers.