Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but some architectural structures are just stunning in their simplicity and eye for detail. Mapos, an American architectural firm was asked by a family to design a multi-generation family-retreat to be built in the Hampton Bay area. The hose would look over the Peconic and request that the house would have the minimum topographic impact as possible.

This is what Mapos came up with; a house nestled in the center of the clearing, overlooking the bay with a green roof, that provides cohesion between the house and its surroundings.

The spaces are open and large, and the house comes with expansive terraces. They added an infinity edge lap pool; it sits parallel to the house alongside a sloping terrace. The house is made of concrete, cedar, reclaimed wood, and corten steel, all integrated into a simple yet comfortable design.

To assure the client’s desire for nature-friendly environment, Mapos retained the 70-foot-tall sycamore tree, which is used to preserve the sun exposure of the tree. There are a few trees dispersed around the house, and together with the clear view of the bay, add natural beauty to the simple, clean lines of the wood-lined interior. Added to this perfect match of man-made with natural elements, creates a peaceful and light full environment with perfect views of the bay and all that the natural surrounding has to offer.

Large windows show off the bay with an expansive and panoramic view. Clean lines, clean colors make the interior simple yet delightful. The master bedroom’s large sliding glass doors open onto a terrace and provide an expansive view. The interior layout of the house addresses the use of natural lighting and the views to optimize access to natural lighting.

All the house rooms, including the bathrooms, have excellent views. The kitchen was fitted with a timeless black and white color combo. An open plan area includes the kitchen, the dining area, and the living room while retaining individual identities. The double-sided fireplace organizes the social area and acts as a divider.

All the materials used were considered for their natural patina, blending the house with the landscape. The gentle slope was not adjusted, and this is seen in the layered terrace structure. This is an extremely beautiful location with wonderful flora. Construction trained the trees on site, and this adds to the natural beauty of the environment. The wood-clad wools and floor provide a warm and comfortable interior that counters the view from full height windows overlooking the bay.