A new engineers’ report reveals that the recently evacuated Mascot Towers apartment complex may be sinking, with evident downward movement in the 10-storey building. The report urges tenants and owners to remove all possessions from the building.

Mascot’s 130 units were evacuated more than a week ago, with authorities investigating the cause of building cracking. The report’s claims of sinking were deemed alarmist by the building’s owners’ corporation; and Premier Gladys Berejiklian, while concerned with the results, says that building problems and regulations are a nationwide problem in Australia. She has faith that state governments will push for and achieve improvements in the industry, and would not disregard the possibility of increasing the government’s announced $3 million accommodation relief loan if needed.

Residents have expressed grave concerns in the wake of this new report, especially with its recommendation that residents remove all valuables from their homes and the overall opinion that the building is sinking.

In an attempt to clarify the report, The Owners Corporation identified the building issue as a degree of differential settlement resulting in building movements, in part. Yet they dismissed the implication of a sinking building as being alarmist.

Owners voted last week at a general meeting to pay for a $1 million special levy to cover the cost of urgently needed repairs. Another meeting is scheduled for this Thursday.