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The Building Designers Association of Australia is the only national association by and for building designers. Representing thousands of practitioners from the Building Design industry, ranging from long-term professionals to new students, the BDAA promotes, represents, honours, mentors, and advocates for its membership.

The BDAA attributes its vast growth and membership expansion to the high profile, universally renowned events and programs, such as the Building Designers Association of Australia Professional Development Program, the Chapter Design Awards program, and the BDAA Annual National Conference, the prestigious National Design Awards program, and the auspicious student mentorship program. In truth, though, the BDAA maintains a full network of programs, events and services that renders membership in this association an essential part of being a professional building designer.

The BDAA counts among its membership national and international design award winners, residential building designers, commercial building designers, industrial building designers, authors, magazine columnists, sustainability authorities and experts, design software developers, lecturers, presenters, and others. Our members have been featured on popular television lifestyle and design programs, in major newspapers and design magazines, and on major design websites. Building Designers Association of Australia supports the individual efforts, interests, designs and accomplishments of members and seeks to enhance their success and expertise. We truly feel that, when one member thrives, so thrives the whole of our association.

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Why Join

Representing Building Designers

The BDAA is proud to use the term building designer, and to represent this group of building designers in the media, and at state, regional and national levels.

Through our meaningful and interactive partnerships with the Australian government and major governmental councils, as well as our regular contact with major media outlets, we give Australian building designers a real voice in the crafting of legislation that affects them and in the built environment that they create, design and beautify.

Networking with other building designers and industry partners

Connecting and uniting building designers is a primary mission of the Building Designers Association of Australia.

This mission is conveyed through the establishment of our nationwide online chapter, our regional chapter meetings, our socials, and our social media chat groups, groups available on major online platforms.
BDAA networking occasions are prime opportunities to meet and talk, cultivating friendships, connections and collaborations for years to come.

Annual Conference

The BDAA Annual Conference is the highlight of the BDAA calendar; one that draws members from across the nation to meet, network, display their designs, attend informative and dynamic presentations, and enjoy tours and socials.

Our conference is internationally renowned for its spectacle, its educational value, and its proud celebration of Australian building designers and our built environment.

The BDAA National Annual Conference is now a festival!

The Rebuilt Environment: A Global Festival of Building Design will be celebrated 27th October through Nov. 1. Hear expert guest speakers, attend a groundbreaking trade show and a dazzling design awards ceremony, take a historic Architectural Walking Tour, attend networking parties with food and live music, and engage in thought provoking breakout sessions.

Experience BDAA history in the making; be a part of the festival!

Educating Building Designers

The BDAA offers multiple opportunities for member building designers; keeping them informed and up to date regarding the latest developments in the building design industry and the Australian built environment.

Our seminars, webinars, symposiums, conference programs, and special presentations cover a vast variety of relevant topics, including building regulations and codes, safety and sustainability, styles and trends.

Furthermore, many of our educational sessions are taught by a multitude of industry experts, including our own industry partners.

Design Awards

We strongly encourage our participation in the BDAA Annual Design Awards program, an internationally renowned celebration of the best designs in the Australian built environment. A BDAA Design Awards win will aid in promoting your business, building your resume and portfolio, and enhancing your confidence.

Each BDAA State and Territory Chapter conducts annual awards programs, with the National Design Awards serving as the grand culmination of our yearly awards season.

These National Awards are announced as the highlight of the BDAA Annual National Conference, in an elaborate ceremony that draws national media attention.

Consumer Awareness

Building Designers Association of Australia fosters consumer awareness and confidence in its members, and actively promotes Building Designers to the public via the media, online channels, and events and exhibitions.

Building Designers Association of Australia Full and Chartered Members may use the BDAA name & logo on their business stationery.

BDAA Australia also runs a referral program, as well as a thriving social media network that is updated daily across every major social media platform: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. These channels feature BDAA news, industry partner profiles, design awards images, and more.

Building Designers Association of Australia Documentation

In order to solidify and facilitate legal and quality interactions and transactions in the building design industry, the BDAA offers a full and frequently updated library of industry contract

and document forms all of which stand to make their jobs much easier, faster, and more legally binding.

Regular BDAA Communications

• Chapter notices and Special notices
• Regular EDMs
• Yearly national reports

• Active national website.
• Social media chat groups
• Online regional and national chapters

CPD and Professional Development (mandatory in some states)

The Continuing Professional Development for Building Designers program offers continuing education to building designers across Australia; with expert CPD course instructors offering the latest and most accurate information regarding building code regulations, industry safety and sustainability requirements, trends and styles, etc.

CPD sessions are offered online and when possible, in person, and in many states, their successful completion is required to earn and maintain many professional licenses in the building design industry. Regular seminars and chapter meetings help members stay up to date with the rapid changes in the building industry and built environment and to apply a proficient and enlightened approach to future design assignments.


Highly competitive Professional Indemnity insurance is available to all members through our valued Industry Partner Webber Insurance.


The accreditation of building designers is increasingly vital to the success, legality and safety of today’s building industry. Many clients, in fact, will hire only those building designers who are fully accredited.

This is why the BDAA has updated and modernised its comprehensive building designer accreditation program. As a BDAA member, you will hold within your power the documents, the qualifications, and the materials needed to become an accredited building designer.

Industry Partner Program

The BDAA maintains a full and active network of participating industry partners; the best suppliers of building industry supplies and services across Australia. Aside from presenting webinars, classes and seminars at our meetings and conferences, these very important friends offer BDAA member discounts for their products and services.

We are honoured to connect our members and industry partners for winning collaborations that can in turn inspire some amazing designs.

Member Fees

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