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Our BDAA national mentoring program provides support for our student members by adding a practical element to complement the theory learned during their studies and assists in their progression to a new career in Building Design.

Mentoring is for a six month term and is conducted in various ways, depending on geographical location, along with the mentee and mentor skills and requirements. No two mentoring relationships are the same.

Student members are invited to be part of the program by their local BDAA chapter convenor and must be:

  • An active student member of BDAA (either by regular attendance at meetings or networking with BDAA members)
  • Over the age of 18
  • In their final year of study to become a Building Designer
  • Invited by their Chapter Convenor to be part of the mentoring program

Students with queries should contact their local BDAA Chapter Mentoring Coordinator or email For other queries regarding the mentoring program, please contact the BDA&T Mentoring Co-ordinator by emailing

Building Blocks: The benefits of being a BDAA student designer

A newly minted building designer, Benita Elliott is off to a promising start in her industry; with the Building Designers Association of Australia giving her the ‘building blocks’ upon which to found a successful career in the field.

“If you’re a student building designer, joining BDAA is the best thing you can do,” said Benita Elliott, a recent building design student graduate who also participated in the BDAA student membership and student mentoring program.

Benita participated in this program during her last year of design school, calling it a privilege to partake in this “Extraordinary opportunity to be networking with a community of building designers.”

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