A home inspired by a bicycling trip? The Kirimoko tiny house is the brainchild of a cyclist who—in the wake of a minimalist cycling sojourn—opted to simplify his life in general. To that end, he ordered the construction of a 329-square-foot, one-bedroom tiny house located in Wanaka, New Zealand. The design is presented in a gabled form with an ebony rain screen, passive house features and insulated panels installed within the structure.

Also fully and efficiently insulated, the home needs no extra energy to remain comfortable and temperate, even in the chilly climate of its native country.

Architect Barry Condon of Condon Scott Architects made creative use of every inch of the residence’s minimal square footage without overlooking scale, so no space was wasted. To enhance the aura of breezy spaciousness in the home, he installed a double-height volume and a glazed facade.

This design artist met the challenge of placing a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping and living space in 30 square metres. He made several attempts to increase the size; however, his client insisted on the home’s compact size.

The tiny home’s amazing features include a kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator, a bedroom, a living room that includes two sizable sofas and a coffee table. On the house’s exterior are found larch weatherboards to seal out moisture in instances of heavy rainfall, along with asphalt shingles.

Natural ventilation is filtered by way of minimal openings lining the eastern, southern and western sides of the house, and high-valued structural insulated panels were selected to line the roof and walls. These methods are effective, as the client asserts that he requires only a ceiling fan and a small portable heater to remain comfortable on the most extreme weather days.

The home with the big value, beauty and comfort has been honoured with the NZIA 2019 Southern Architecture Award and a Bronze 2019 DINZ Award.