• To promote and enhance the profession of Building Design.

  • To provide consumer awareness of Building Designers and of their contribution to the building industry and the wider community.
  • To promote and achieve the highest degree of professionalism amongst Building Designers.

  • To promote and encourage ethical conduct and sound business practice in the Building Design profession.

  • To promote consumer protection by advocating that all members carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • To maintain an ongoing professional development program, including annual conferences.

  • To hold annual building design awards to promote excellence in  Building Design.

  • To be active in the development of education and training standards relevant to the Building Design profession.

  • To establish and promote guidelines for achieving higher standards in Building Design and Documentation.

  • To be active in the development of Standards, By Laws, Legislation and Documentation relevant to the Building Design profession.

  • To liaise with Federal, State, and Local Government on matters relating to Building Design, with the express aim of achieving a better built environment.

  • To support the rights of Building Designers who become the subject of victimisation, suffer prejudice or could be detrimentally affected by the actions or speech of others.