Since the design and construction industry is nothing without the innovation in materials, it’s always best to learn new ways to make them as efficient, carbon-neutral, and up-to-date as possible. This is exactly what the 6th International LafargeHocim Forum For Sustainable Construction will convene in 2019 to discuss. The conference will be hosted by the American University in Cairo from April 4 to 6, 2019, and the topic of discussion would be “Re-materializing Construction.”

The idea is to focus on all the different ways and come up with innovative strategies to reduce the consumption from the ‘material cycle.’ This cycle basically includes the carbon emissions that come forth from the manufacturing to delivery phase and even include installation, maintenance, and removal.

The goal for this conference in simple: discuss and come up with ways to make the carbon footprint of the material cycle smaller and create radical solutions in the genre of building materials.

The conference would include workshops, keynote speeches, and even site visits. The impressive cast of speakers include Christone Binswanger (Sr. Partner, Herzog & de Meuron, Switzerland), Lord Norman Foster (Chairman & Founder, Foster + Partners, UK), Laila Iskandar (former Minister of Urban Renewal & Informal Settlements, Egypt), Francis Kere (Principal, Kere Architecture, Germany), Anne Lacaton (Principal, Lacaton & Vassal Architectes, France), Mitchell Joachin (Co-Founder, Terreform ONE, USA), and Rt Hon Simon Upton (Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, New Zealand).

Registration information

The selection of the attendees is going to be carefully approved by the forum. The registration is going to close at Jan 31, 2019. Here’s where participants can register. After closing, the Academic Committee of the LafargeHolcim Foundation will select the participants. Around 300 experts in many fields like material sciences, civil engineering, etc. from all around the world are slated to participate.

Workshop exposition

Since the field of material sciences is very fast and connected to so man different genres, the conference will be hosting 4 concurrent workshops. All of them are supposed to initiate dialogue between experts in different fields, so each workshop will be led by renowned experts and include input presentations by more than 60 specialists from all around the globe. The aim is to analyze all the current material trends and come up with strategies to introduce more sustainable practices in them all. Here’s a summary of each workshop:

  • Catch 22: Discussions on the importance of material needs as compared to material impact. Will include minimizing material use as well as picking out the right and the best materials.
  • Changing Paradigms: A focus on a sustainably built environment with materials whose sources are renewable and eco-friendly.
  • From Manual to Digital and vice-versa: Discussing the cross-roads of manual and digital labor and construction techniques, and how best to merge them.
  • Shifting the Flows, Pulling the Strings: Traversing the relationships between the temporal dynamics of materials, including life cycles, urban evolution, and lifestyles.

More about the LafargeHocim forum

Formed in 2003, the International LafargeHocim Forum for Sustainable Construction is a tri-annual series of conferences whose goal is to raise awareness about the crucial role of sustainable architecture, urban practices, engineering, and construction. It is supported by the LafargeHolcim; a multinational building materials company with a broad portfolio of products. With 80,000 employees in 80 countries across the globe, the company balances its resources equally between developing and mature markets.

The Forum operates in close relation to the Academic Committee (based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich). The event usually lasts 3 days and invites experts from various fields to provide intellectual insights on how we can create an eco-friendlier built environment. There’s also an academic publication at the end of each Forum that is edited by the Ruby Press in Germany.