As more electric cars now populate the roads, more in the way of charging-station infrastructure must be devised for them. In this joint venture that comes courtesy of Eon Drive and Clever, architects representing Cobe have invented a modular electric charging station adaptable to any conditions.

On behalf of clients Eon Drive and Clever, Cobe has joined structural engineers AB Clausen and Arup to develop this station in Fredericia, Aarhus, Knudshoved (DK).

This revolutionary station is distinguished by wooden roof construction likening a tree, with each support composed of eight glulam elements. Cantilevered beams have been mounted upon these supports to devise a square “tree canopy” up above. These modules can be assembled to create larger or smaller canopies. Each roof consists of triangular areas, some of which are closed to supply shelter and shade, while others open up to reveal the sky and allow daylight to penetrate into certain places. Photovoltaic panels can be positioned on planted roofs to supply electricity to the charging stations.

These stations will not be reserved only for automobiles but for any battery-operated device. Charging stations will feature seats in pleasant green settings.

For this commission to devise infrastructure for clean energy, the architects employed sustainable building techniques like the exclusive usage of certified materials in the project. In addition, all inherent components can be disassembled and reused.

All told, 48 electric charging stations are to be established on Scandinavian highways as a part of this project. The first debuted in summer 2019 in the Danish city of Fredericia. In 2020, additional stations were established in Aarhus and on the Knudshoved peninsula. While the canopy in Fredericia includes twelve modules with an area measuring about 400 m2, the other two stations were constructed as free-standing solitary modules.