Shifting from a print publication to a digital product, the ABCB’s mission is to change the structure and enhance the usability of the code without sacrificing the intent or content of the NCC.

The changes are made in the service to those new to the business, just becoming accustomed to the NCC in its role as a technical regulatory instrument, also to technical students and future users.

To lead readers through the changes, the ABCB has devised a selection of supporting materials, presented in phases prior to the publication of the NCC 2022 Public Comment in May 2021. Review the changes in the ABCB’s most recent edition of Connect or by opting in to a steady stream of communications by way of your ABCB profile.

As of the NCC 2022 Public Comment Draft, you will see:

These modifications are important to guarantee that the NCC:

  • Is easily taken in and understood by users, facilitating more widespread adoption across the industry,
  • Can be translated into a variety of digital formats, enabling features like personalised content filtering,
  • Enables digital innovation like integration with frequently utilised industry software and digital systems,
  • Allows for modern education and training options, incentivising newcomers to the building and plumbing businesses to make themselves familiar with the NCC.

Ultimately, these modifications will produce a NCC that has increased usability by as many practitioners as feasible. Heightened rates of usage and understanding will enhance compliance and building outcomes.

Source: Sourceable.Net