Autodesk created a toolbox for the construction industry which brings 3d printing systems to sites in order to print building parts. The system comes into portable shipping containers and it is easy to use.

The new toolbox was created in order to replace the skilled labor shortage in the constructions industry. And one of the many advantages is that it is flexible so it can help a developer with the rising demand for new houses and spaces.

Autodesk thinks that an increase in global population will translate in an increase in demand for houses, that won’t be covered by skilled workforce. Therefore, new technologies and a new approach to building houses are needed.

Autodesk’s solution is simple: 3D printing. Their toolbox is basically robots with 3D printers that can fit into containers, are easy to assemble and easier to use. Because they can fit into shipping containers they can be moved around from building site to building site, wherever they are needed.

The company thinks this method will help builders to ensemble buildings faster and the parts for them will be more accurate. Furthermore, they don’t need a lot of technicians, so the human resource won’t be a challenge.

Autodesk’s new toolkit that can easily travel and build will be available in Europe this winter.