To avoid the employment of rogue waste operators, the EPA has published dual documents created to aid procurement officers and construction project managers in the management and disposal of their waste. They are entitled:

Construction and demolition waste: a management toolkit, and Owner’s guide to lawful disposal of construction and demolition waste.

The documents supply step-by-step guides to empower construction and demolition industry representatives to bolster contracts with waste transporters, including vital control measures at every step of the waste disposal process–from the initial stages of the procurement process to the disposal phase.

EPA executive director waste operations Carmen Dwyer says that the provided guides are easy to follow, and should help readers avoid any involvement in waste disposal scams. She notes that unlawful disposal methods can hinder the environment, undercut the legitimate waste disposal market, and deplete valued recyclable resources from the economy.

According to a related informational article in The Conversation, the building industry produced 20.4 million tons (MT) of waste in 2017, like road and rail maintenance and land excavation. This waste assumed the form of bricks, concrete, metal, timber, plasterboard, asphalt, rock and soil.

More than 6.7MT of this waste was disposed through Australian landfills in 2016-17. The remainder was recycled, reused, reprocessed, dumped by illegal means, or stockpiled.

More information about these new publications can be found at: