A ‘Future Street’ concept has been designed to incorporate innovative ideas around how to make our cities and public areas smarter and greener through landscape, technology and infrastructure.

Designed as a one-stop-shop, the platform provides a central location for Future Street collateral, material, ideas, events, collaborations and more. According to Adam Beck, executive director of SCCANZ, examples of topics included are “autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, smart city technology, urban agriculture and urban landscape imperatives, as well as potential retail offerings”.

In October 2017, Alfred Street in Sydney, Australia was transformed into a street of the future as part of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects’ 2017 International Festival. The online hub leverages planning philosophies and concepts used in this initial development in order to inform design and planning in the future.

The creators of the hub expect information and learnings to build on from the initial installation as developments increase over time.