New Zealand’s Parliamentary Service also reports that the operational status of Parliament House and the Parliamentary Library would be judged in accordance with the council’s Green Star environmental performance scheme, introduced in 2017.

The announcement is indicative of the escalation in the level of sustainability maintained by government-owned and leased buildings, according to Andrew Eagles, chief executive of the NZ Green Building Council; an interest also reflected in the declaration of a government commitment, made in July, to establish a NABERSNZ energy efficiency rating to apply to all new government offices, the ultimate goal of which being a four-star rating. Eagles is encouraged by these actions, developed with an eye toward energy efficiency, reduced waste accumulation, and enhanced sustainable transport.

This government intervention is expected to raise the low number of NABERSNZ energy ratings sustained by office buildings: 37, at last count.

Eagles said that the Beehive strove to accommodate evening political debates conducted in its structure, and that the Green Star rating would aid facility managers in the efficient operation of the building.

The NZ government’s proposed zero carbon bill, which will transform the management of emissions, should reach parliament by year’s end.

In Eagles’ eyes, other favourable signs for Green Star New Zealand existed in the form of the expansion of the Green Star Design and the As Built tool to include any building category, with the NZGBC now rating hotels, retail and convention centres, among other buildings.

These actions, according to Eagles, serve to democratise Green Star for everyone, inspiring a 60 percent boost in new Green Star-rated projects in the past year.

Some developers are also raising the bar, such as Mansons, which is targeting a 6 star Green Star rating for Kiwibank’s Auckland headquarters.

The NZGBC also is introducing a roadmap to transform its buildings to a net zero carbon status by 2050, and net-zero pilot certification for standing commercial buildings, as part of next week’s World Green Building Week 2019.