The rate of global wind power growth must triple over the next decade to attain carbon neutrality, according to the UN. Yet conventional wind turbines are challenged to contribute to this objective.

They are criticised for being costly, noisemaking and harming wildlife. Yet many of these issues can be owed to the traditional windmill design that originated in the ninth century.

Spanish start-up Vortex Bladeless has opted to halt this tradition. The company conjured a bladeless design, which they deem an ecofriendly aerogenerator. The technology harnesses energy from the wind by a process of oscillation.

The device creates energy on-site and can be a complementary source of renewal energy in addition to solar panels, especially in residential regions.

While differing sizes are under development and testing, for the performance, the larger, the better, Jorge Piñero from Vortex Bladeless says. He points out that power grows a great deal with the size of the device. A Vortex Tacoma of 2.75m high could power a refrigerator, many telephones and LED lights for an off-grid house.

As no blades are required, the turbine requires little maintenance and a low level of noise. Also, it takes no oil or lubricant to run.

And it poses no harm to birds; important, considering the thousands of birds that perish annually after crashing into wind turbines—and the greater number killed by fossil fuel stations.

And no, says Piñero. They don’t mind the jokes.

Source: Euronews.Com

Image credits by Vortex Bladeless