Plans for a north Liverpool “community village” are currently underway.

Eldonian Community Based Housing Association has presented plans to Liverpool Council to construct 66 houses on a piece of land off Love Lane in Vauxhall.

The proposals would include a group of apartment buildings geared toward young couples and unmarried persons.

George Evans, Chief Executive of the Eldonian Community Based Housing Association, stated that there was a demand for affordable houses in the region and that the new development would deliver a substantial quantity.

He stated that the objective to transform a parcel of land into innovative and eye-catching houses for up to 168 new residents will involve the Eldonians taking their community approach to housing well into the future.

A report presented with the application specified that the housing association is planning to invest at least £8m in the project and that it intends for it to serve as a link with the Ten Streets, an area that has served as the focus of regeneration efforts recently.

The report stated that the objective is to deliver a mixture of 66 high quality 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, ‘Live/work’ areas and parking on site, delivering city living at reasonable costs.

Planners say that the sustainable design plan for the apartments, will unite the new and old, with modern places situated next to standing Victorian railway structures, connecting classic and new commercial activity and commemorating the history of the docklands region.

The houses would be designed in the “Passivhaus” design system, a standard for energy efficiency intended to reduce the environmental and energy footprint of a building.

Liverpool Council will make a decision on the application in future months.


Source: Liverpool Echo.Co.UK