Once simply known for its warm, homey, compact structures, today’s cabin is a small-scale example of advanced—but still homey—high-tech building design.

Behold the ‘contemporary cabin’:

The Treehouse

This Chinese woodland cabin is located at the foot of Mount Wuling. The cabin has been designed by Wee Studio in 2016. It encompasses two structures.

One section takes the form of a lavatory; the other is a multifunctional space that acts as a tearoom throughout the day and a bedroom by night. Its lovely views of the forest and the cliffs are on display by way of a sizable window. And a skylight lining the sloping ceiling introduces an element of natural light to the proceedings.

The main structure boasts a steel frame with a layer of thermal insulation which creates a warm, comfortable space year around.

The prefab facades are built from recycled wood panels and are one with nature.

Built in the Czech Republic, The Cabin is poised above the landscape atop a onetime concrete bunker. Designed by Jan Tyrpekl, this wooden cabin is a 12 square meter building boasting two large windows that oversee the Austrian border and a skylight that introduces an element of natural light to the proceedings.

Chile Charred Cabin by DRAA

This lovely little cabin, designed and built by studio DRAA, is located in Olmue, Chile, and affords a generous view of the mountains. Its basic design includes a small dining space, a bathroom, and a loft bedroom boasting windows stretching up the wall, that offer a beautiful view of the natural surroundings.

Cool Triangluar Cabin

A signature small cabin is the A45, the creation of Bjarke Ingels Group. Located in Shandaken, U.S., this 17 square meter structure boasts an exquisite shape and structure.

The inaugural prototype designed by the studio, this multifunctional structure is an ultra-modern interpretation of a traditional A-frame cabin.

Permanent Camping by Casey Brown Architecture

Constructed in Glenroy, Australia, by the studio called Casey Brown Architecture, the cabin represents a remote paradise with lovely views from all sides.

The small-scale cabin consists of a 3m x 3m footprint and an 18 square meter, dual-floor interior. Its copper-clad exterior offers a pair of veranda roofs that can be closed when needed.

When it comes to cabins, the old adage proves true—good things come in small packages!

Source: Home Edit.com