NSW Building Commission Improving Building Quality

Welcome to the first ACIF e-news of 2024. I hope that readers were able to have a restful break over the Christmas-New Year period.

There were a cluster of media stories earlier in the year on apartment defects in New South Wales.  A NSW government strata survey revealed 53 percent of apartments registered from 2016 to 2022 have at least one serious defect, as can be read here. However, the number of defects seems to be decreasing year-on-year. The staff of the NSW Building Commission has increased to 400, and NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler and his staff are committed to improving the situation. ACIF fully supports the work of the NSW Building Commission in improving building quality in NSW. The NSW Building Commissioner is now highlighting positive examples for others to follow and has lauded the efforts of building and development company DASCO as the first builder to be recognised for its ongoing commitment to quality and safety.

In other news, the Victorian Coalition have announced that they plan to pause work on the $34.5 billion Suburban Rail Loop if elected in 2026. Further, they may abandon the project if its impact on other funding priorities is too onerous. I’m not sure how popular the project is among Victorian voters, and the next Victorian election will decide the matter. However, many construction companies and workers would be displeased to see the mammoth project discontinued, while noting that all governments need to keep debt to manageable levels.

Property developer Lang Walker sadly passed away recently at the age of 78. Walker Corp has completed more than 1200 projects and has a $35 billion pipeline of developments slated over the next 20 years. In 2021, he offered the following advice to people in the industry: “Never give up, be patient, and have a long-term view. You can’t just go in there and think you are going to make money on day one. These things take years and years to mature. You need to add value to what you do and do everything properly.” (The Australian, 29-1-2024) This sounds like very sound advice to me.

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Dr James Cameron
ACIF Executive Director

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