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NSW Revises BASIX and Pushes Passive House

NSW minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes states that changes to the online BASIX tool would integrate innovations in sustainable technologies and align the tool with sustainability targets in other regions.

BASIX standards, said Stokes, should be ‘the baseline, not the boundary’. These changes, he believes, will permit architects to excel far beyond the standards, attain ideal design and guarantee that houses are energy efficient.

Since its 2004 debut, said Stokes, more than 460,000 homes have been certified as BASIX compliant, saving about 281 billion litres of drinking water and 8.8 million tons of emissions.

Some of the major adjustments include:

  • The recognition of other sustainable building design standards, like Passive House, to adhere to BASIX thermal comfort guidelines;
  • Modernising the Internet-based tool to feature new technology options like regenerative drive tech for lifts;
  • Aligning the BASIX thermal comfort modelling mandates with the national standard in accordance with NatHERS.

Australian Passive House Association CEO Paul Wall welcomed the idea of the platform being recognised as part and parcel of BASIX assessments.

The thermal comfort assessment they supply results in a win all around, said Wall. Homeowners and tenants get better homes, and the environment is enhanced and sustained.


Source: Architecture and Design.Com.Au 

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