“We can all be designers.” says Ole Bouman, an important figure in Architecture. A vital voice in modern architectural conversation, the founding director of Design Society, in ShenzhenChina has originated, since the 1990s, many design concepts, founded culture brands, and took on institutional roles across the globe.

Once the director of the NAi – Netherlands Architecture Institute and the creative director of the Urbanism/Architecture Bi-City Biennale of Shenzhen/Hong Kong, the Dutch-German historian, author, publisher, photographer, curator, public speaker, and design professional, has gathered three decades of work in a platform, showcasing the connection “between a life and history unfolding”. Ole Bouman’s Finding Measure essay, found on his website, reveals many truths about design and its meaning.

The essay reveals that what we truly need in design is measure and balance. They are needed to achieving perfect symmetry in climatebiodiversity, and natural resources.

Measure, he explains, battles both excess and abuse. Achieving the perfect measure is the result of an objective of self-improvement. It is the primary asset and byproduct of character.

A single modality of discovering a measure that all humanity can comprehend, it is architecture – the art of organising life in space and time—that must be perfected in a measured fashion.

Why is architecture so important, the very metaphor for world order? That is because, he explains, it is an art that blends and combines all elements of life, giving action to intention to produce results.

Architecture, beyond being an industry, embodies the essence of humanity.

And as architecture is the essence of life, he said, we must place more demand on our designers to scale up—and get in touch with the humanity of design.


Source: Arch Daily