The headline statement from the engineers has declared the building to be “structurally sound and not in danger of collapse”, however a number of issues that require “significant rectification works” have also been identified.

The issues were mainly placed with the hob beams, which were found to have deviated from the designs when constructed. The bearing capabilities of these beams were subsequently below minimum safety standards.

Precast concrete panels were 20mm wider than a hob beam on level 10, for example, despite a design requirement stating they should be the same size.

Other issues included inadequate tensile capacity in one of the panels, an incomplete dowel bar between the panel and hob beam, and inadequate concrete cover near the connection between the hob beam and some columns.

A combination of such issues will have caused the structural damage on level 10, according to the engineers, as a progressive build-up of load will have caused the failure being investigated. It has been suggested that significant rectification work will be required.