Chris Knierim, the National President of the Building Designers Association of Australia, has said that the Opal Tower is “not an isolated incident”.

A 2012 report from the University of NSW showed “85 per cent of the strata buildings built since 2000 have had defects”.

In an interview with ABC News, Knierim highlighted the rapid increase in demand within the Australian construction industry. Following $78 billion in revenue between 2007-2012, the industry has taken in $101 billion between 2012-2017. “The industry couldn’t cope with the increase (…) there were not enough qualified people to supervise construction and sign-off on completion,” said Knierim.

A further concern was the ability of developers to hire their own private certifiers. This enhanced the ability of developers to “cut corners” in order to fulfil the outstanding levels of demand.

Knierim stated the need for a thorough investigation into the causes of the crack, due to the many potential causes.

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