In Portland, Oregon, Waechter Architecture is thinking outside the box when it comes to multi-residential development.

As inspired by its arty name, Origami is a 12-townhouse complex boasting a timber-clad structure that unfolds much in the manner of an accordion across the length of a block, its roofline creating a formation of peaks and valleys and a dark blue facade lined with buildings that don’t quite line up.

This design concept simulates the look of origami, where one sheet of paper can be folded to create complex figurations.

Origami is located in the city’s Piedmont neighborhood, defined by the presence of bungalows. Architects wanted to contrast this uniform design via a slightly irregular design.

The dozen units are divided into a trio of differentiated layouts, each boasting open concept interiors and elegant vaulted ceilings. Point, a 1,071-square-foot detached home, has a selling price starting at $490,000; Pleat, a 1,568-square-foot three-bedroom residence with a sizable exterior courtyard starting at $599,000; and Plane, a 1,960-square-foot corner home starting at $649,000.

The three sides of the Origami development formed a C-shape on the street, allowing space in the back for private courtyards and parking.